Friday, December 28, 2012

Pepper Cookies

Pepper Cookies
Today I'm sharing our other Christmas cookie - these are the DIY guy's favorite!  They have a bit of a bite due to the black pepper that is added but along with the other spices, this cookie is just right!  I know this is my grandmother's recipe but I'm curious as to where she either found it or how she made it up...

The 4 spices that are mixed with flour baking powder are black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and fresh grated nutmeg

The other ingredients are sugar, shortening, eggs, raisins (boiled and drained), walnuts, and  cocoa powder

Once all the above is mixed, you will need to add some milk to soften.

Round balls are placed on a greased cookie sheet, baked and iced with powdered sugar and milk...sprinkles add a nice touch!

Hope you have enjoyed our two favorite cookies!  Now the recipes go back in the vault... (just kidding!)


  1. I have never had pepper cookies. I am very intrigued. Want to taste/ make them!!

  2. Quite interesting...I need to make these now.

    Very curious what pepper does to a cookie's flavor.

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  3. Very interesting....hmmm, might have to give these a try.

    Oh, and what happened to "the fisherman"?


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