Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Clambake Time!

How to host a clambake

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This past weekend it was time for our good friend's annual clambake and if my math is correct, I believe this was the 20th year!  The bake is always on Labor Day weekend and {knock on wood} has never been rained out.  Our friends are gracious hosts who prepare the food, we all chip in for our share and are asked to bring something.  I'm assigned to desserts - they know I love to make something decadent that I wouldn't normally make for everyday eating.  If you follow me on IG, you might already have an idea of what I made....

Before we get to dessert, I thought I would share a few pictures from the day and explain what a bake is.  Of course the clams are the main event.  They are cleaned and placed in cheesecloth bags (one dozen per bag) and place in a large steamer.  The event has gotten so big that Dave now needs two pots to feed the crowd.  Along with the clams, some water, another bag of some veggies and spices are placed inside.  Then layered with chicken legs that are sprinkled with salt, pepper and celery seed; next on top are sweet potatoes.  The lid is placed and it takes about 45 minutes or so for the pot to heat and 'steam' the clams.  The chicken and potatoes are removed and the clams are served with melted butter.  At some point too corn on the cob is placed in the pot but I can't remember when that part happens.

The chicken is removed...

And the clams are served

Once we have had our fill of clams, the chicken is grilled to crisp it up a bit and served with the sweet potatoes and corn.  It is truly a fantastic meal that all of us look forward to yearly!

Ok, now for dessert.... I only have this one picture to share with you and luckily I even have that - I really thought there would be some extra for me to bring back home... so here it is shot out of my phone camera...

It's called a Blackberry-Raspberry Truffle cake - be sure to click on this link to see a better picture and get the recipe!  It was a huge hit and I only had a tiny sliver left so I left that for our hosts.  I may need to make it again!  Invite me over - I'll bring the dessert!


  1. Deb, No wonder there was nothing left of this exquisite cake! The annual clam bake sounds like a fun event and a great way to close out summer. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  2. What a wonderful tradition! I have just recently started loving's about time! Your cake is an absolute masterpiece, Deb! I would've loved a slice. :)


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