Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sites of Cabo

Hard to believe that a week ago we were basking in the sun in Cabo.  We had a late flight and able to spend most of the day outside.... I'm really missing the 80 degree weather! Cabo was a fun trip - we stayed at a beautiful resort, hung with some fun people, shopped, ate, and really relaxed.  Here are some of the sites:

First up shopping

I actually bought one of these signs - mine says Cabo San Lucas... I thought they were unique

John and others went fishing... they caught a ton of Mahi Mahi... we even brought some home

All 4 had "fish on" here

A sea lion came to the back of the boat looking for some handouts!

Around the resort

Sunset from our room

Our room view - we were able to whale watch from was awesome

Another view from the room

We took a walk along the beach area - there is no swimming but we saw some interesting creatures!

Infinity pool

Outdoor chess and checker set

Kayaking...on Lover's beach

And of course - the "toe shot"!  I like pink!

I think it is time to plan the next vacation!


  1. Looks amazing! You are taking beautiful photos .. the flower photo is perfect! It would be so hard to come back to this weather. Yuck. Lunch? Coffee? Drinks? soon?

  2. I love all of your pics. Makes me wish I was there right now instead of sitting at my desk! :)


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