Monday, October 8, 2012

Taste of NYC & Touring

 Nothing says NY like a hot dog from a street vendor!  This was The Fisherman's request after our morning of walking around.  And I have to admit they tasted very good!

 My request for after lunch was a stop at this place

 We selected two - coconut and pumpkin

Yummy - Those really hit the spot!  Then after more walking around we had another NYC icon

We did quite a bit - stopped by the Good Morning America set and saw Josh Elliott

And this is the back of Ben Affleck - he did turn and wave but missed that shot (and a lot blurry!)

Also attended the Columbus Day Parade and saw Governor Cuomo (wonder where Sandra Lee was)

And we were told this was Miss USA - I really wouldn't know :-)

That's it for our celebrity sightings today... tomorrow we are heading to The World Trade Center Memorial, Little Italy, Chinatown and Rock of Ages...


  1. Oh geez Deb .. you're killin' me! I LOVE NYC hotdogs from the vendors! (won't see ketchup on them dogs).... and the pretzels ... yummmmm.

    I think the alleged Miss USA looks a lot like Susan Lucci. Just say'n.

    Which cupcake did you like the best?

  2. I love getting hotdogs and food from street vendors!! they are always the best!

  3. NYC!!! We have done two long weekends in NYC....if I had gone there before I had babies and "settled down" I am pretty sure I would've figured out a way to everything about it.

    Wasn't Rock of Ages just the naughtiest and most fun show EVER???


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