Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Monster Energy Bites

No Bake Monster Energy Snack Bites
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Well, school starts today around these parts - did I hear kids boo and moms cheer?  Though I think my kids always looked forward to getting back, seeing their friends, and wearing their new clothes :)  The toughest part was getting up early again!  When they were in grade school, I would try to get them back on a schedule about a week before school - sometimes with success and other times not!  Usually those first couple of days they would come home dragging a bit and starved.  Having a snack on hand was really important.  I liked hearing about their day sitting over some munchies like these Monster Energy Bites.

These bites are loaded with energy booster ingredients like peanut butter, honey, oatmeal with a bit of chocolate.  Really tasty and a couple will be filling enough to tide them over until dinner.  If you have seen my monster cookies, these are pretty similar but in a no-bake form.  These aren't just for kids, adults can use an afternoon pick me up as well.  Even though we are empty nesters, we both loved having these on hand for a snack.  We are just {big} kids at heart!

It's hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is over.  We were excited that both our girls were home along with Kristina's family.  The weather cooperated while they were here so that we could head out to a small zoo in town one day and the next day we went to a state park and did some canoeing and kayaking.  Miss Emily and I had fun making sand "meatballs" and throwing them in the lake.  She is at such a fun age (3).  Alex, who is 9 months, is just a happy go lucky kid.  He's starting to crawl and if didn't keep a close eye on him, he'd make his way to the edge of the blanket at the lake and try to eat the sand!

The real reason they came home was for the yearly clam bake we get invited to.  Check out this post I did last year with what a clam bake involves and what dessert I made.  This year I made a 4 layer pumpkin chocolate cake with maple frosting.  I will probably have to remake it since I wasn't able to get any photos!  The cake recipe was from Vikalinka and I made up a maple cream cheese frosting.  I better get on that!

Monster Energy Bites

by Cooking on the Front Burner
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Yield about 12-15
  • 1¼ cup old fashioned oats
  • ½ cup peanut butter
  • ¼ cup honey
  • ⅓ cup mini M&Ms
  • ⅓ cup mini chocolate chips
  • ⅓ cup chopped craisins
  1. Mix together the honey and peanut butter
  2. Add in the remainder of the ingredients
  3. Shape into balls (about walnut size)
  4. Store in air tight container in refrigerator
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Yummy ingredients

Easy to scoop and this is one recipe where you can enlist the kiddos!

Did you see my post on 25 other back to school snacks??

Monster Energy Bites are the best snack when hungry hits!  Loaded with yummy flavors and no-bake!


  1. No bake for the win!!! Makes this a quick and easy after school snack.

  2. My kids would gobble these up, they're obsessed with M&M's!

  3. My kids will surely love these colorful energy bites! So fun!

  4. These are genius!!! What a perfect little bite!

  5. I'm so excited to make these as after school snacks. I think my husband is even going to be crazy for them!

  6. What a yummy snack! My gang would love them!

  7. I want to dig into these right now!

  8. I am definitely going to make these for the kiddos!

  9. I always hated the first day of school...I think I just needed these around to cheer me up! These are the best snack ever!

  10. My kids were actually ready to go back this year....and I was ready to send them! ;) They would LOVE to come home to these one day soon!!


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