Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Pie

Regent Apple Pie
 Well, it's the end of the weekend...we kept busy with house projects including me painting our dining room (again) though it has been about 5 years since the last time!  We also had a frost last night... it got down to 31 chilly degrees.  The Fisherman cleaned out what was left of the garden and picked some apples from our tree.  The midwest has had it tough with apples this year - a late frost in the spring killed some of the buds, a couple major storms knocked the apples off, and the ones that did come in aren't looking too great.  Luckily we were able to get about 50 and I had a request to make a pie.  I was happy to oblige!

I pulled out a tried and true recipe from my 29 year old Betty Crocker cookbook.  As you can tell, it is quite used.

 Our apples are the variety called Regent... good eating and baking apples.

 I also use the crust recipe from the same cookbook but I almost double it to ensure I have enough dough.  I'd rather cut some off (and make sugar cinnamon sticks with leftovers) than not have enough.

The apples were peeled, chopped and then mixed with a sugar, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg mixture

Placed in crust and dotted with butter

Top crust on and ready to bake...

About 50 minutes later, it's done!

After dinner and while watching the Emmy's, we had a slice (or two :-)

So good and really hit the spot! 

Also, my friend Julie@This Gal Cooks is having a giveaway this month.  Stop by here and enter to win and also wish her Happy Birthday!


  1. Looks delicious just in time for fall! Kathy Penney@ Pinner Takes All

  2. Yum! I love finding recipes in vintage cookbooks :)

    your newest follower


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