Tools of the Trade

You are probably thinking - "Tools for what?  I thought that was The DIY Guy's department?"  Well, I have a few tools of my own.   Check back as I will highlight some I use.

Have you seen those pretty cupcake pictures - well, I bought this was easy to use and I was happy with the result

Though not really a tool - I've always wanted a Dutch oven... Stumbled across a good sale at Kohl's and had an additional 30% off... couldn't pass it up!

This tool is probably my favorite - they are called shredding scissors.  While meant for paper, they do a great job of mincing basil, parsley, cilantro, etc.  I bought these at the Container Store about 2 years ago but have recently seen them pop up at Crate and Barrel and other stores.  They run about $7 a pair.

Pasta Machine - a must for any cook - especially Italian ones!
Small kitchen scale - easy to use!

Egg Slicer - also useful for mushrooms and strawberries


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