Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Freshness is the name of the game with these Greek Salad Stackers.Easy to make and perfect for any occasion as a standalone dinner salad or an easy appetizer!
Mini Greek Salad Stacker Appetizers
I just love Mediterranean food since most recipes have fresh ingredients.  On a trip my daughter and I went on a few years ago to Greece, I ordered at almost every meal a salad called "horiatiki".  This is the official name for a salad that is made out of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, green peppers, feta cheese and kalamata olives drizzled with a good quality olive oil and sprinkled with dried Greek oregano.  The combo of these ingredients are fantastic and definitely on the lighter, healthier side.

Today's recipe, Greek salad stackers, has all those ingredients, but is skewered for a different twist on a classic Mediterranean salad.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Make this favorite summer treat when you don't have access to fire.  These Mini S'Mores Bites are kid friendly but adults will want to enjoy them also!
Mini S'mores Bites that kids will love!
Summer time is s'mores time.  There is nothing better than roasting a marshmallow until it gets nice and gooey and smashing it between two graham crackers topped with chocolate.  True? Well, what if you would like to enjoy all the flavors of s'mores but don't have a fire going?  Or maybe you want to keep a treat on hand that are similar to s'mores.  These cups are perfect for those times that you can make ahead and keep on hand.  The graham cracker cups hold a mixture of your favorite chocolate mixed with mini marshmallows and topped off to make them cute with honey graham Teddy Bears.  Fun for kids, awesome on taste and great for all ages!

Friday, June 16, 2017


These easy Bourbon Fresh Strawberry Push Ups will become your favorite (adult) summer treat for cooling off! 
These easy Bourbon Fresh Strawberry Push Ups will become your favorite (adult) summer treat for cooling off!
Can you take the heat?  Do you want to cool down with a tasty (adult) treat?  If you answered yes, then today's recipe is perfect for you.  These kids inspired push up pops are a great way to indulge in a frozen treat with just a hint of bourbon.  Just one lick and you will be hooked!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


These mini patriotic ice cream sandwiches are so easy to make and perfect for any holiday celebration!  Learn how to make your own magic shell topping too!

Mini Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches with homemade Magic Shell topping

Let's hear it for the red, white and blue today with these quick and easy treats.  They are perfect for keeping cool and making your holiday celebration so special.  From start to finish they can be made and enjoyed in about 10 minutes.  Make a batch and watch them disappear! 

Friday, June 2, 2017


Black bean corn salad is loaded with fresh ingredients and drizzled with a chili lime vinaigrette.  You'll want to serve this soon and often!
How does this easy black bean and corn salad sound?  It is loaded with fresh ingredients and drizzled with a chili lime vinaigrette.  You'll want to serve this soon and often!
Let's face it we all try to eat healthy recipes, right?  Even better if it is quick and easy, right again? Our bodies love it when we load up on fresh ingredients that especially taste so good. Well, today this is where you can have all of those things by filling up on this fantastic healthy side salad.

Black bean corn salad is loaded with three different kind of peppers, cherry tomatoes, black beans, corn, avocado, red onion, and topped with a chili lime vinaigrette.  

It makes a great side dish, or in our case tonight, dinner. :)

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Create the best Father's Day menu this year with these awesome recipes because dad's are the best!

It's time to treat dads to a meal fit for a king!  We've got you covered from appetizers to desserts to make the day extra special.  Whether it is their first Father's Day, 5, 10 or more and whether you are celebrating with a dad, grandfather or uncle, etc., just let them sit back and relax!  You've got this :)