Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ten Recipes to Treat Mom!

Ten wonderful recipes to make for Mom on Mother's Day!
May is just around the corner with Mother's Day coming up!  Let's give mom a day off and spoil her to some special treats and make the day all about her.  I've got you covered from breakfast through dinner even a special cocktail to celebrate the day.  So let mom relax and get yourself to the kitchen to whip up some of these recipes!

Remember you can enjoy these too :) but first wait on mom!

Grapefruit Lime Basil Cocktail

Strawberry Bruschetta

Ham and Leek Quiche

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Orange Flavored French Toast

Caprese Salad Pockets

Peach and Brie Flatbread

Italian Chopped Salad

Mini Lemon Bundt Cakes

Lemon Crepes

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  1. These are beautiful recipes to treat someone special with. xo Catherine

  2. I adore this roundup! I want to try all of these for Mother's Day!

  3. This is such a perfect roundup! Any of these would be perfect for Mother's Day! And, those bundt cakes are so cute! I love mini food!

  4. So many options to celebrate Mom! Love this, and I'm sure all the moms out there will love anything from this roundup!

  5. I'm a mom and I want to be served each and every ONE of these!!! :-D

  6. I'm just going to bookmark this post so my husband and kids can quickly find it. I would love to wake up to any (or all) of these beautiful dishes.

  7. There are so many great ideas here, but there's a good chance that I won't be able to stop thinking about that peach and Brie flatbread.


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