Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap

2015 Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap

So you are probably thinking why are we talking about Christmas now.  Well there are only 6 weekends until the big day!  Hope that doesn't  freak you out, it does me a bit!  But the real reason for the early shout-out is a fun event that is happening with other bloggers (yes, you!).  For the past three years I have participated in this Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap and this year I'm co-hosting.  What I have loved about the swap is you are partnered up with another blogger and recipes are exchanged - not the actual cookies.  Easy and no broken cookies!

As mentioned, this is a blogger only event and we would love to have you join.  Do you have a favorite cookie you've made before on your blog or a family favorite?  Almost anything goes but Mexican wedding cookies (or snowballs)- while are they are awesome cookies, the first year we had about 20 of those :)  If you scroll down to the way bottom, you'll see what cookie recipes I've received in the past.

So here's how it works.  Below is the sign-up form so check out the dates to make sure they work for you.  Put on your thinking cap to get thinking what recipe you would send your partner.  On our reveal day, I'll be hosting a full index of the blogs participating and the recipes being shared.  It will be a great way to see what everyone has made and your readers will love!

Julie from White Lights on Wednesday and Bread Booze Bacon started the swap 4 years ago.  Other co-hosts are below:

Create. Craft. Love.

Ready, set, sign up!

Yummy cookies from year's past

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  1. I might have accidentally submitted the application twice. :X


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