Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Behind the Scenes at Cooking on the Front Burner

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Today I'm giving you a little tour of what happens behind the scenes at Cooking on the Front Burner as part of my 4 year blog celebration.  Some of the equipment I use, props and set-up...  you'll hear about my dish addiction - yes I do have one :)  I can't help it and I know I'm not alone but I won't name names!

I'm currently using a spare bedroom as my studio and well, to be totally honest, this room was our daughter's Danielle's.  She's on her own now and the room sat empty except for a few nights a year.  At first I tried to use it as is with the double bed, dressers and found myself getting frustrated while trying to move around.  Next step I placed the bed and box spring flat against the wall and covered it with a comforter (kind of like a murphy bed).  Well, even then I thought what if I could have the whole room to myself and store my dishes and everything together!  Great idea right?  I even convinced the DIY Guy and our friends wanted the bed.  Now I had an empty room to work with.  We had a couple book cases that were no longer being used so they became dish storage.  

Crazy, right?  I wish I could say these were all of them but I have others still stored in the kitchen.  I really need to stay away from the Home Store, Crate & Barrel and World Market to name a few! I love looking at dishes and well, I guess buying them as well!  My new year's resolution was not to buy anything new... that lasted about 2 weeks!  Though I'm a bit more selective. I'm more on the lookout for unique pottery.

For awhile too I was on a napkin kick.  I needed storage so I got creative with a drying rack.  I also have a collection of paper straws (not pictured)

This silverware container holds the utensils.  I found some really cool and cheap silverware at thrift stores.

I bought myself a small table at IKEA that is wood grain look and some friends of mine gave me old boards (finally something free!)  I also have a marble slab (not pictured)  I would also like to learn how to make my own boards that are white or darker brown

I have one window in the room that faces south.  It's kind of tricky to get the right light sometimes.  I have a big screen I can put in the window if the sun is shining through.  I also use a white foam board to bounce the light back.

One goal I have this year is to learn how to better use artificial light.  I have a soft box and still don't have the hang of it.  I mostly take pictures on the weekends.

99% of the time I use a tripod with a remote trigger.  It works for me as I feel more in control.  I've also recently been experimenting tethering to the computer using Light Room 5. I think I'm going to like that a lot.

I'm currently using a full frame Canon 6D with most of my shots using the L series 100mm 2.8 macro.  I'm no expert and still have lots to learn!  My 2nd lens is a L series 50 mm 1.2.  I mostly use that for pictures of my granddaughter!   Though at 18 months she is a wiggle worm and I get lots of blurry shots :) 

For post editing the DIY Guy bought me a big monitor that I love.  I'm currently using Photo Elements 11 and Pic Monkey and just starting to use Light Room 5.

And pretty much I watch Law and Order reruns when they are on!

I have some goals for this next year - really understanding my camera, how to spend time getting the right shot, taking less shots, minimize post editing and learning LR5.  Working ahead so I'm not editing and writing posts at 9 pm when they go live the next day!  Like tonight!

I'm so glad you have stopped by today.  I am very thankful for your support and friendship! xox

PS - Don't worry about Danielle not having a room at the inn!  She is quite comfortable in our guest room.


  1. I love behind the scenes post! And I am jealous over your napkins. Where do you buy them at? I have yet to start stocking up on them!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I find them mostly at World Market and Pier 1...

  2. Love this post, Deb! And I am so jealous of this room! :) I have like a third of my daughter's playroom for taking my food photos. After you mentioned before about using a drying rack for your napkins, I bought one and use it to hang my vinyl backgrounds on- works perfect!

  3. I love the napkin storage!!! I'm pretty sure you have more dishes than me, which is pretty scary, lol. I love to see behind the scenes and see how other bloggers do things. I guess now I need a 100mm lens, I love the way your photos turn out!!!

  4. Deb, it is so nice to see how you create your great blog posts and photos. Congrats on your 4th anniversary. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  5. What a great post. I love behind the scenes info. I love dishes/napkins/silverware, but I really love bakeware. I am trying to be more discriminating. Everywhere I go I no longer see dishes, I see props. In fact I was at my sister's and she said what are you looking for? I said I was just looking to see what I could photograph. :)

  6. I love getting a peek into other bloggers' lives! :) That drying rack idea is genius - I have to get one!! I have all of my linens are folded up in an old milk crate - blah! Btw, I totally feel you on having a dish addiction - and I sooo dig that popcorn bowl!

  7. I love getting a peek into other bloggers' lives! :) That drying rack idea is genius - I have to get one!! I have all of my linens are folded up in an old milk crate - blah! Btw, I totally feel you on having a dish addiction - and I sooo dig that popcorn bowl!

  8. Love this behind the scenes, Deb! It's always so fun to see how other food bloggers work--and I'm jealous of all your lovely dishes and napkins!!

  9. I love seeing behind the scenes posts and how other bloggers work. I wish I had my own office and studio. My stuff is stored all over the house, mostly in the kitchen. I usually take my pictures outside because the lighting in our house is awful. I love all your props and napkins!

  10. Great post, Deb! I love seeing the behind-the-scenes set-ups. Great idea using the hanging rack for napkin storage... it keeps them wrinkle free ;-) My food staging items are here, there and everywhere. You've motivated me to try to get them together! Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  11. I've been doing more food posts, and I love posts like this! I could go crazy at Cost Plus, and now I think I need to get more dishes and props. Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. It's fun to see how other people get the job done. haha You have an awful lot of props, lady! My little area(s) are getting so full of my props that I think I need my own bedroom, too. Great post, Deb! :)

  13. Thanks for sharing your behind-the-scenes! I'm jealous that you have an office. My stuff is scattered everywhere and I know I could be so much more organized if I had an office. :) I've been thinking of doing the drying rack idea, but right now I'm not sure where I'd put it. I love it, though!

  14. what a fantastic set up! i'm jealous! :-D

  15. Love this post, Debbie! I wish I had a room for all my stuff. Currently it's all over but I'm taking heart in the fact that I'm not alone judging from the comments, lol. And of course, I just keep buying more stuff.
    Thanks for the peek - it was so fun. My goal is to better understand my camera as well and I suspect that will be a lifetime journey! It's great every time you turn a corner though, isn't it?
    Have a fabulous day.

  16. So glad you shared this in the Blended group Deb! It helps to see how awesome bloggers like yourself are getting those amazing shots!


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