Saturday, March 22, 2014

Partnering with Ziplist

Happy Saturday!  Today I'm sharing a new feature on the blog that will help you save recipes (and many other features) by Partnering with Ziplist.  You may already be familiar Ziplist or it might be new for the rest of you.

Ziplist is your personalized recipe box - that allows you to save your favorite recipes, create grocery lists and keep it all organized.  And you know me, I love organization!  If you aren't a member, click here to see all the benefits and how you can sign up!  There are so many features that are too many for me to mention.

So when you come to my site now notice the recipe box in my header.  Click on that to get to your box or to create yours.

Every recipe that I will be posting will have the blue box that says Save Recipe. 

You will then be brought this screen that lets you know it is successfully added to your recipe box.

To see all your recipes, click on Go To Recipe Box and you will be brought to this screen

One of the best features is the mobile app so you can bring up your grocery list and have it on hand wherever you go (you might want to sneak it on your significant others too so they have no excuse "they forgot"!!)  I love the versatility of this program and think you will too!

I'm sure you will want to get started saving some of my recipes :)
Click here to start with the Ham and Leek Quiche!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I need to get on it and partner with ZipList! It's been on my list of things to do and hasn't gotten done obviously. It makes life so much easier for readers. :)


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