Friday, August 23, 2013

Peachy Keen Salad

Spinach Salad with Grilled Peaches

I'm a big salad lover - the more colorful the salad the better and I like mine to be a bit sweet, salty, crunchy and somewhat healthy.  If you have been following the blog this summer, you know I've had a 'crush' on the peaches Trader Joe's is carrying this year.  They are perfect.  The kind that when you bite into them the juice can run down your arm... that is a good test of a peach!

Peachy Keen Salad

by Deb Attinella
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients (2 servings)
  • Your favorite greens (I opted for baby spinach)
  • A few slices of a red onion
  • Candied pecans (or these called Sweet and Spicy pecans sold at TJ's)
  • Bleu cheese crumbles
  • Fresh Peaches
  • Your favorite salad dressing (we used TJ's Champagne Vinaigrette)
Grilling peaches might sound scary but they aren't. Heat your grill on medium and spray the grate a bit with PAM. Be sure to let the grill get hot so that when you grill the peaches, you will get the nice marks (about 3 minutes on each side - just be sure to watch carefully). If desired, when the peaches cool a bit, you could use a small knife to cut the skin off.
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Peachy Keen Salad | Cooking on the Front Burner #salad #peach # recipes

Now who wouldn't want to grab a fork and dig in?  This was so refreshing!  Just perfect for a hot summer night.  And I always say, you can make it your own by using your favorite ingredients - but don't leave out the peaches!!  They are the star of the show!

Peachy Keen Salad | Cooking on the Front Burner #recipes #Salad #peaches


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  1. Hi! That sounds like a perfect salad for me as I love different textures. Peaches are delicious, I agree. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. Deb, this salad looks just delicious and I love the idea of grilled peaches! Thanks for sharing and pinning! :)

  3. How's about I have EVERYTHING to make this salad happen? And believe me, IT IS HAPPENING!!!
    Great salad, Deb!

  4. Peach with spinach looks absolutely delicious - never would have thought of that combination! Thanks for sharing :) I found your blog on the "Grow Your Blog" link-up!

  5. Deb, thanks for sharing this beautiful salad at Best of the Weekend! Pinning to our party board! Enjoy the weekend and your beautiful new granddaughter!

  6. I like the way you are doing your recipes now, Deb! Also, I love the name of this salad. It's perfect! Pinning and sharing on FB and Twitter either tonight or tomorrow. Have a good evening and thanks for sharing at Marvelous Mondays!

  7. I love grilled fruit, and this salad looks delicious!

  8. Hi Deb! This salad looks fantastic. I found you via Grow Your Blog and now I am following your blog & social networks. Have a great week!

  9. Deb, this salad is almost too pretty to eat!! But I will have to try this! I'm a big fan of adding fresh fruit to salads. I'll be sharing this post on FB, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest. Thank you so much for linking up to Wake Up Wednesdays!!

  10. YUM! I LOVE peaches in my salads lately :) pinning and thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesdays

  11. Deb, I love that feeling of a fresh peach so bursting with flavor the juices get all over the place! When I lived in Iowa, we got Missouri peaches as big as your head and so sweet it was like eating candy. This salad looks like the perfect way to eat a summer peach :)

    Amy | Club Narwhal

  12. I do love peaches. Local peaches are on right now and they are delicious. This salad looks yummy.

  13. What a fantastic idea! ...Thanks for the wonderful recipe! I am going to try this one


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