Monday, July 22, 2013

The Best Summer Snack!

How to make a s'more

Dare I say this is the best summer snack ever!  Such a timeless classic   How could you not love these - they are the best combo of flavors.  And when made just right (meaning the marshmallow is not set on fire!), and you take the marshmallow, squish it between the cracker and chocolate, hold it for bit so the chocolate melts, you have an ooey gooey sweet delight!

We recently spent a weekend at a friend's cabin and decided to have these as an afternoon snack.

We had a fire tender who started this

And when it died down a bit, the DIY Guy started with the roasting - he really prides himself in making the perfect - no burnt - marshmallow

Oh yea, this is a good one

Time to assemble

And of course, time to eat

I had two... how many would you have eaten??

Hope you are having a great summer!!


  1. Now thats a fire!! I love my marshmallows charred! I'm craving s'mores now!

  2. I love the classic smore's. And you did this so perfectly! Recently, we all went camping and instantly had to have a new thing I did (since there was a little rack on the side) I sat the crackers on it to melt the chocolate while I roasted the marshmallow...oh my! You've got to try it! I had three that night!

  3. My mom and I always had a debate about how to cook marshmallows :) She would sit for 5 minutes perfectly browning hers, while I would burn mine since I loved the charred taste. Plus by the time her 1 was done I had already eaten three!

  4. This is one perfect summer treat! yummy.

  5. Hi Deb,

    I have come visiting from Sweet 2 Eat Baking as part of the blog hop! I love the photography in this post - did you know that August 10 is National Smores Day?? Perfect timing for this post! I blog over at Slummy single mummy if you want to say hi any time.



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