Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Morel Mushrooms

Do you know what these are?  Nope, not sponges! If you are a mushroom lover, you may be on the search for these delectable delightful mushrooms that are currently in season here in the midwest region - THE MIGHTY MOREL!  For years, I have heard how delicious these are and the 'hunting' that goes one for them.  My friend Amber is an avid 'hunter' and this year she scored quite a haul... though when I asked her where she finds them - well, apparently that is a secret - but I think I now understand.  These are off the chart delicious - I had asked her if I could have one just to try and well, she actually drove to my house and left us more than I was expecting - even cleaned!  What a gal!

I wasn't sure how to cook them but she suggested frying in butter with garlic.  So then of course I knew the  perfect accompaniment, and one of the DIY Guy's favorite, rib-eye steak - what a perfect combination!

Some of her haul...

I have to admit, the texture at first took me by surprise but that only lasted for one bite!  And when I told people at work I had some, they were jealous.  Apparently to buy these, they can go between $25-35 a pound!

Thanks so much Amber for sharing some of your stash - don't be surprised if I start stalking you when you leave your house!

Learn more about the morel mushroom  - It's everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!


  1. Did you see that we found some in our yard! Only a dozen or so, but still ... they are in our yard! I agree very yummy ... and a very different taste and texture too.

  2. I just had these for the first time last month. Hubby and I went to a fancy place for our anniversary. We couldn't figure out what the spongy thing was. They were yummy.

    @ Cheri - I wish I knew which mushrooms were safe. I am paranoid about that.

  3. Those are some gorgeous mushrooms!

  4. Morels are so good with red meat! I love the pairing with ribeye, yum!

  5. I don't think they grow in dry Utah! But they do look delicious. I'll probably have to take your word on it as they are a bit out of my price range. But I will keep my eyes opened for them at specialty stores.


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