Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dinner Party - Night Out

A couple weeks ago our friends asked us over for a special dinner they were having this past Friday... I wasn't sure what we were having though, I heard some sort of fish.  I was really looking forward to it.... both of them are good cooks!  So in addition to bringing dessert, I made up a fun springy hostess gift.  With Easter around the corner, it seemed appropriate and around these parts, we really need some reminder that it really is spring... may not look it though!

So off we went and walked into their house - and OMGoodness the aroma was amazing.  I still wasn't sure what was on the menu but I knew it was going to be fantastic.  We started out with some apps... MJ makes her own jelly pepper and we had that served over cream cheese... hers is quite good due to the addition of lemon drop peppers - just the right balance of spice and sweetness.

Next we went to the table for our first course.  MJ has some really pretty china, stemware and silverware - she was also going for a spring look!

Another couple brought the first course of salad.  It was wonderful - so fresh with fennel, cucumbers, pears and craisins.  A dressing with poppy seeds was served on the side.

Now to the main event!  A little background on the selection...our friends recently were in San Francisco and had a dish called Cioppino which is considered a San Fran Original dating back to the 1850's (here's the link to the story and recipe).

This is a meal you need to prepare right before eating.  Though the tomato sauce can be made ahead (which was the wonderful aroma I first noticed when we got there).  Below are the ingredients and how some of the fish was prepared.

As each fish is cooked, it is then added to the sauce... and the final result is... drum roll....
{we need a scratch and sniff here!}  And a couple toasted sour dough slices completed the meal.

What a yummy dish... but we did manage to save some room for dessert.  I made my Tiramisu Cream Puffs.

Fun night, great food and company - thanks Dave and MJ!!


  1. Just last week I ran across a recipe for Cioppino! Not sure I'd ever make it, but it looks fabulous! (so do the cream puffs)

  2. wow..such scrumptious food.. lovely.

  3. Hi Deb! I am visiting from Marvelous Monday's and wishing I had been at that dinner party. The food looks delicious. I live on the MS Gulf Coast, so fresh seafood is abundant, well minus the clams. I am glad that you provided a link to the story and recipe. Your hostess gift was just right for this time of year. By the way, I am your newest follower. I see that you are waiting for spring so "hop" over to Still Woods Farmhouse and enjoy the azaleas!

  4. Beautiful meal! Congrats on your GYCO win!

  5. Wow, what a delicious looking feast! I love your hostess gift--so springy!

  6. Those scallops look so good! I love sea scallops. Looks like you had a delicious meal!

    Thanks for sharing at Marvelous Mondays, Deb!


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