Monday, January 14, 2013

Pasta with Clams

Super easy Pasta with Clams
I have the e-a-s-i-e-s-t meal for you - just 2 boxes!  That's right - only 2 and your meal will look like you fussed, not to mention taste very good AND only take 10 minutes!

Just take 4 oz. of angel hair pasta cooked to directions, next prepare a box of Trader Joe's Steamer Clams and prepare as directed.  Combine the two and viola dinner is done!

Now, of course, you must like clams :-)   We found that one box was good for two people.  I also tossed the pasta in 1 T of olive oil when it was done to prevent it from sticking.  The clams are cooked, placed on top of pasta and divided the juice between the 2 dishes.  It you don't live near a TJ's you might find something similar in your grocery store.

This is all you will have left...

If you want to make it a complete meal, prepare a side salad.  For this one I used spring greens topped with candied pecans, gorgonzola cheese, shredded carrots, celery and craisins.  Use your favorite dressing - I used Trader Joe's Pear Champagne Vinaigrette (only 45 calories per 2 tablespoons).

The DIY Guy was very happy with this meal!  I'm going back to TJ's for more clams - I think they will be good to have on hand when we need a quick meal!



  1. Hi Deb, I just came from foodtastic Friday. I'm pinning your clam dis and the salad. My son in law and grandson will luv this dish. Thanks so much for sharing it. I'm a now following you on GFC and Pinterest. Please stop by when you have a chance.

    Joanne/Winelady Cooks

  2. Great looking dish.. I usually make my sauce with canned clams... love the fresh. Thanks for sharing this great meal on foodie friday.

  3. This looks fancy and delicious! Thanks for sharing at Foodtastic Friday!


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