Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Club Night

Our book club met this week and we discussed The Girls from Ames - well it wasn't much of a discussion - as we went around the table, no one really liked it.  That was a first - usually someone in the group likes it - especially the person who picked it!  Some of the stories about the girls were interesting but we all thought it would have made a better article than a book.  Sorry, hope I'm not offending anyone who loved it - just didn't hold our interest.  But it was interesting that these women have been friends for 40 years.   One of the quotes from the book was "you can make new friends, but you can't make old ones."  True...

It is always fun to get together with the other gals and Sue had a nice themed Valentine table and treats.

She made up some cute Valentine bags for us with some nice goodies

Dessert was a cake made with lemon curd and fluffy frosting - very good!  All made from scratch.

Claudia has picked our next book and I have heard rave reviews...I've read rumors that it might also be made into a movie.  I can't wait to start it!

I love reading your comments but am on vacation and will response when I get back...

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  1. Don't you just love book club? We always start talking about our book and then quickly get distracted and start gossiping and giggling. One of the highlights of my month! And yes, Devil in the White City is a fabulous book! I think I heard they are making a movie with Leo in it?


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