Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Cookie Reveal

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Last month I co-hosted a Christmas Cookie Swap - the rules were easy - sign up, get a partner, mail a recipe, get one back and make the cookies to share today.  I received a family recipe called Mexican Wedding Cookies from Teri @ The Freshman Cook.  Teri, as a little girl, made these cookies with her mom every year and still makes them now,  It was nice to hear she has fond memories of her family tradition  And as she states - homemade are the best!

The recipe came on a nice card!

 First I chopped up the pecans

Once the dough came together, it needed to be refrigerated for a couple hours

After baking, the cookies are immediately rolled in confectioners' sugar

Here they are cooling, and then will need to be rolled in the sugar one more time

Though I made the cookies a couple days ago, tonight was the first chance I had to take some photos - BUT it was really hard keeping the DIY guy away from them and as soon as I snapped these, he dug back in!  Big hit!!

I really enjoyed getting this recipe and be sure to check out the links below for more recipes.  I think we had about 50 sign up for the swap!  Come back at the end of the day to see them all.

The swap was really fun and thanks to Julie at White Lights on Wednesday for the idea and pulling it together along with the other co-hosts!


  1. Oh these look really good! I will be adding these to my cookie list!

  2. I remember my mom making these for Christmas each year. Thanks for bringing back the great memory!

  3. I also grew up with these cookies on the Christmas cookie platter every year!

  4. My family makes these every year! They look wonderful!

  5. These are such a classic! Thanks for cohosting with us!

  6. Deb,
    Thank you so much for making these "special to my heart" cookies look so good! I am glad you and your family enjoyed them!


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