Friday, November 2, 2012

Odds & Ends-East Coast Eats

 A couple weeks ago we were on our east coast trip and that always involves food, of course.  We like to eat our way around towns and please our palate with some of these delectable delights!

Our first stop was to my aunt's who lives near Scranton, PA (home of Dunder Mifflin-ha).  A bit of trivia about this area is that her town - Old Forge, PA - is the self-proclaimed  Pizza Capital of the World.  This is a small town but there are many Italian restaurants and pizza joints as this area was settled by Italian immigrants back in the 1930's.  My mom was born in this town and we spent a lot of my childhood visiting my grandparents and other family - great times and memories!

This night we went to Anthony's. I just love their pizza....especially the white pizza which is made with 2 layers of crust, topped with fresh rosemary, onions and S&P.  The yummy cheese filling is a secret I guess - I have not been able to find out what kinds of cheeses are in it...though two kinds are called Brick and Cooper - not sold in the midwest.  If you know, please let me in on the secret!

I do make "Old Forge" pizza from time to time - it's made in a rectangle pan and the more seasoned the pan is (meaning black and old looking), the better the pizza!

Yum, my favorite.... I really need to experiment with this one... I'm craving it right now!

Next I want to show you the black and white cookie from my hometown.  A delicious soft chocolate cookie frosted half vanilla cream and half chocolate fudge.... oh man, these are sinful!  I used to eat these in high school from our local bakery.  We didn't have a cafeteria so we would walk down Washington Ave, stop here for pizza and a cookie...super healthy :-)

Have you ever heard of a speidie sandwich?  These originated in Endicott, NY... one of The Fisherman's favorites so we made a stop at Lupo's charpit

Same sign as I remember from many moons ago

He took a bite before I could get picture!

After that stop we went to the Cider Mill... our kids loved this place when we lived in NY... in fact, they called us to make sure we brought back candied apples

My favorite is the cinnamon doughnut - so good! 

They are best when freshly made - a little crispy on the outside but nice and soft in the middle... just the right amount of cinnamon and powdered sugar...

Lastly, more pizza - this is from Consols.  Nice, thin crust that tastes amazing... and are called pizza pies and come wrapped like this for take-out...  no box just a cardboard base and paper.  They have always been served this way...

Hope you have enjoyed my odds & ends from our east coast trip... now I must should go workout to lose those couple pounds I gained - but oh so worth it!


  1. yum yum yum!!! This is making me want to plan another trip back east! :)I think the only thing you are missing is some Roma's pizza on here. The 3 days i was in new york, i had at least one piece a day!

  2. It's official....I'm now STARVING! :-) I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award. The details are here: Have a great day!

  3. OH my love all the places you went and those awesome pictures, I am hungry right now! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh do I miss those places. Especially Cider Mill ... and Lupos.
    I'm beginning to think it is road trip time!


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