Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scallops With Spinach, Lime & Candied Walnuts

We were in the mood for a little something different from our usual pasta or chicken dishes.  I know I tend to make most of our meals with one of those two ingredients so tonight we mixed it up a bit!  This recipe caught my eye because it looked very yummy and appealing on the bed of wilted spinach.  So I figured a little healthy too!  Plan about an hour to make this dish from start to table...

The Fisherman is a lover of scallops and he gave this recipe high marks.  Glad I ventured out from our "usual" meals.  I think the candied walnuts really added a special touch too.

Recipe Source:  Fine Cooking Fresh


  1. Oh yum. Yummy Yummy Yum. I am so excited to try this recipe soon.

    Erin -

  2. You had me with the mention of scallops alone. This looks amazing. I tend to collect good scallop recipes, so I'm printing this one out for the future. I love the idea of candied walnuts and I have a lot of them (uncandied) in the fridge. Now, I'm off to buy scallops! ;-)

  3. I LOVE scallops. Those scallops look great. The bigger the scallop, the better!


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