Sunday, September 16, 2012

Salsa Time!

How to make your own salsa
I was in the mood to do the salsa this weekend (no, not the dance-that wouldn't be a pretty sight!).  Salsa making was something that I did yearly up until about 3 years ago.  I had a partner in crime and we would get together because as anyone knows that makes it - it is labor intense with all the chopping and prep work (we would make about 40 pints and split the proceeds). 

Other than tomatoes, we didn't plant stuff for a "salsa" garden this year so off I went yesterday to our local farmer's market.  I love going there and seeing all it has to offer especially the fresh veggies and fruit.  I scored some peppers, onions, cilantro and garlic.  It smelled heavenly in my market bag

The first thing I did was to chop all the above - be sure to wear gloves!  Most important if you don't want your hands to burn for hours.

Next I prepped the tomatoes that The Fisherman picked from our garden.  It is getting to that time of year where the tomatoes are just about done and with the temps at night supposedly going in the 30's this week, they probably won't survive too well.

For how I prepped the tomatoes . I do it the same way.  Once they are peeled and quartered, I put them in a colander to let some of the juices drain out.  Then I put the tomatoes in a food processor and chop a bit - I still leave some chunks because I use an immersion blender at the end of the cooking process to chop up the peppers and tomatoes a bit more.

 Here is the recipe that I have been using for years that includes how I process the pints.
(printable recipe)

Dig in!

And one of these days, who knows, maybe I will follow this "recipe"!


  1. yum! I grow all of those veggies in my garden and make salsa a lot!! I have never used tomato paste tough..I think that would help!! I have always been looking for something to make it thicker...thank you!!!
    i am also your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. I love homemade salsa. My mouth is watering just looking at your pictures :) Now following and excited to continue reading!

  3. Oh gosh, this looks sooooooo good. We use to make salsa all the time. Maybe with our next garden we can plant some more peppers. Yours look wonderful and I am sure it tastes fabulous. Thanks for the visit and following. I am following you also. Hugs, Marty

  4. Thanks, Deb, for making the recommendation for Books You Loved. Cheers

  5. I've had your salsa ... and I LOVE it! Maybe I'll make some this week.... great photos too girl!

  6. I love salsa, and I'm so ready to make some. Thanks for the recipe!
    Found you from the mingle! Would love a follow back!

  7. Mmmm, your pictures are awesome!


  8. Yummy!
    I'm a new follower.
    I'd love it if you'd visit my blog.

  9. This looks fantastic. With a versatile recipe like this you'll never have to buy the jarred stuff.

  10. Deb, your salsa looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing on Marvelous Mondays!

  11. What gorgeous photographs! My mouth is watering!! Your salsa looks delicious. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  12. thanks for linking at Saturday Dishes, buffered and pinned!

  13. Hi Deb,
    I saw your thumbnail on the Saturday Dishes party and wanted to check it out - your photo rocks! I've been experimenting with different salsa recipes the last couple of years but I'ven't found one that I really loved... maybe this will be the one! :)

  14. I love homemade salsa so much better than the store bought stuff! I use it on everything!! Your recipe sounds fabulous! :)

  15. we only eat homemade salsa!! this one sounds so good!!

  16. Yes!!! I've never made a cooked salsa before but I bet your recipe is delicious!

  17. Homemade salsa is the only way to go! Great recipe, Deb!


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