Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Fisherman's Domain...

This is The Fisherman's favorite hang out place located in the basement of our house.  I wish I had remembered to take some "before" pictures - but all you have to visualize is no pictures on the wall over the couch and aquarium... OK - got that in your mind?  Blank walls and blank they were for about 2 years.  Neither one of us could decide what to do - there is a pool table in the room but didn't want to make the entire room pool themed. So it sat, kind of naked.

Last weekend I was wandering around Hobby Lobby which I do when I'm looking for some inspiration.  I maybe had an idea of using some tickets I saved from games - Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves and making some sort of collage.

I found these letters so that was a start

and this picture frame

I sprayed the frame, removed the hooks from the letters, rehung the hooks on the frame and had The Fisherman buy a sheet of metal in place of the glass.  Final assembly was using some pictures, tickets, hats, rally towels and a signed Twins shirt from the former player Jason Kubel. 

I also picked up 4 albums frames and The Fisherman selected what he wanted to display.

We were both happy with the results!

Though you can't read it, the middle certificate above is from the last regular game at the Metrodome.  But as it turned out, that was the year they needed a "playoff" game to see who won the division.  Also hung up are some pictures of us and friends at games.

The man cave is now complete!!


  1. This man cave is awesome! I think any man would be very happy with what you've done!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Mom's Test Kitchen! Happy Monday!!

  2. Love the way you'd decorated this room! Thanks for the lovely comment you've posted on my blog.


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