Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to The Fisherman!  I knew our girls would not be coming down for a visit so I suggested that we go to the mighty Mississippi for a little fishing.  Of course he is always game for that so the kitchen was closed today for some R&R and hopefully some fish!

We were preparing to go and I suggested that we needed some drink coolies, he was fine with that and even commented how when the guys go, they don't think of bringing stuff like that.  So off we went,  a bit down the road I asked if he had hand sanitizer in the car so when we eat (we bought subs on the way) we could clean our hands... well, that brought a snicker.  So I said "well, you are putting bait on the lines, don't you want to clean your hands to eat?"  Apparently not - note to self - don't eat the Cheezits from last fishing trip!

Our first stop:

It was  a beautiful day when we arrived in Lake City MN:

Boat getting prepped:

On the water....

I'm multi-tasking - reading and fishing! (Oh, the water today was a lovely mocha brown color - ick)

Only a pink reel will do!

Time for lunch

Hmmm... pass

Surprise - while we were on the water, Kristina and Benj called and wanted to meet us so they arrived just in time for the weather to switch... I decided at this point to stay on shore and sit in the car and read.  They headed out - rain and all! 

My view

90 minutes later they came back...

We had a quick tasty beverage and headed back home where it was sunny and 80;  I think the worst part was not getting one nibble the entire day!

But our day was not over yet - I treated The Fisherman to dinner - his choice

 The end!!


  1. If it makes you feel better, it rained a bit here today too.

  2. Hi Deb- thanks so much for the comment! Though I'm a little heart broken about the Cheez-its. How could someone contaiminate a lovely snack like that?! ;)


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