Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little Organization

I was on a mission this weekend - I had it in my mind that I needed to organize my cookbooks - don't ask me why, I get in this nesting mode once in awhile (no April Fools!)  The books were stored here, there and everywhere.  Mr. John was open to whatever I decided to buy to help me do this... we both are organizers by design and if you saw his shop, you would be pretty impressed. We both have tools of the trade and mine happen to be an assortment of cookbooks I've gathered over the years.  The collection above is my mom's original Betty Crocker along with mine and the very first cookbook I ever bought - The Joy of Cooking.

I was really hoping to do something not too expensive so after looking around the house, I came across this bookcase not in use any longer.  I also had one of those storage cubes (2 x 8 squares).  So I bought another storage cube (2 x 3 squares), had Mr. John cut the other one and stacked (and secured) them on the bookcase.  This resides in my pantry against the back wall.  I think it turned out great and only spent $36 for the new storage unit.

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather today (if you live in the midwest).  It took me all day to put the pantry back together!  Oh, and I think I have room for a couple more cookbooks.  And I'm sure you are wondering what I'm doing with the other spaces the books were in....well... I needed room to store my cooking magazines - I'm slowly going through those and tearing recipes to keep and recycling what's left... a girl's work is never done :-)

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  1. The best part ... you used what you had for your project! Creativity at it's best! You've inspired me!


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