Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Burrito Bowl

Well, tonight's dinner was super easy... I let Chipotle do the cooking and we did the eating.  I worked til 6:30 and called Mr. John on the way home.... we agreed to meet somewhere and this place sounded good to both of us.  I love their bowls... much easier to eat than the rolled burrito with all the same good filling!

....hmmm any other familiar faces here tonight :-) 


  1. I spy my Mommy and dave and jolynn!!!!

  2. are such a creeper! Guess we're even on the creeping thing (I creeped you on Lake Pepin a couple years ago!) I really wanted to visit with you...but hadn't seen Jo Lynn and Dave in about a month!

    I think you should try to create the Chipotle burrito bowl recipe! Chicken please. K.Thanks :)


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