Monday, March 5, 2012

Make-Over Edition - The Bedroom

Ta-da!  It's done - finally!  About a month ago I started our bedroom re-do project. Above is the after result and below the before picture.  The walls went from a light gold color to a soft green called Relax (Behr paint with primer from Home Depot)

Another before and after

I (and Mr. John) are quite pleased.  I bought the Queen comforter set on clearance from Bed, Bath and Beyond and the colors were just what we were looking for.   So far so good, right?

Then I had this brainstorm to make matching drapes, went back and bought the King set.  Well, let's just say a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that project!  I bet if I totalled it up, I spent about 40 hours!  I also pricked my fingers numerous times, had a few hot flashes and felt a tear or two run down my face!  First I used the seam ripper to take apart the comforter - that was easy - then I cut the fabric in half - easy - then had to square up the fabric - not so easy - and then attached darkening shades to the back - this is where my trouble really began.  The comforter fabric was silky, it didn't lay well on it's own which is why it needed some backing and since the light post shines on my side of the bed, I wanted something dark.  (imagine me doing all this) ....So skipping ahead.... I finished them to the point where I needed to put in the grommets.  I had never done them but I was assured by my friend MJ that were easy to do and I am pleased to say - yes, yes they were!

Mr. John helped me figure out the spacing (engineers are good at that stuff!)  And one tip that MJ gave me was to use blue painters tape on the fabric to draw the circles on.  This worked well and was easy to remove.

The bottom part of the grommet is pushed up through the circle

The top part is pressed with your palm and snaps into place - easy!

Finished - I tried one with the tape left on but them decided to remove tape prior to snapping

In the end - all the work on the drapes was worth it!  I love them and think they look great!

This is where I spent a lot of time - making sure they matched in the middle when drawn

Other sides of the room

Well, that's it for this Make-Over Edition...  that should keep me happy for awhile :-)


  1. BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job! Sometimes projects can be pretty dadgum frustrating -- I appreciate your authenticity in writing. Dang hot flashes only add to the frustations don't they? Uggh.

  2. Wow, Deb, you are so talented! I'm glad that you had great results after all of that hard work with the window treatments!


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