Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's a .....

...boy and he is due in May!  No, not in my family :-) but Kristina's good friend Monica who was in her wedding last fall.  Kristina put on the shower today and it was a really fun time and nice for Monica to be surrounded by her family and friends.  Do you find that more new parents today want to know the sex before the birth?  Back in day we maybe could find out with the ultrasound but almost everyone I know just found out at the birth.  Though when Danielle was born, the intern first said "It's a boy,..... no wait, it's girl!"  I'm thinking a cord was in the way.

Back to the shower... Kristina had planned quite a spread - party subs from Subway, pasta salad, veggies and dip, buffalo chicken dip, fruit.... I brought deviled eggs and cucumbers sandwiches (and lots of white serving dishes.....I have a few)

These sandwiches were the easiest.  Take 8 oz. of cream cheese, mix in a package of dry Italian seasoning mix, spread on cocktail bread and topped with a thin cucumber - best to assemble right before eating but you can make spread up to a day ahead.

Kristina had a couple of games... one was guess the number of Trix in the baby bottle.... 1329 if you want to know!

This game was cute - we divided up into teams and were handed a frozen cup of water in a dixie cup with a plastic baby... our goal was to get the baby out and the first team to do so yelled  "My water broke!"  Pretty funny watching grown women race to a sink or using hot coffee, or trying to smash it in a towel.  The team I was on won and we used hot water

After the games and gifts, we had dessert

It was a great shower and I wish all the best to Cory and Monica and their new arrival - Baby N - though they know the sex, the name is in the vault until the big day!

And one more item, Kristina and Benj made this towel cake (with a beany baby from her past - see knew they would come in handy some day!)

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