Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wine Tasting Party

This past weekend our friends Dave and MJ hosted a wine tasting party.  Last fall they were in the New York Finger Lake region and toured some of the wineries and brought home several bottles with a tasting in mind.

When they first mentioned the idea and asked if I would help make some appetizers, I was game!  We had a planning meeting and decided on one hot and cold app for each wine.  MJ and I both researched what to pair with each and went from there - MJ made seven, four for me and one for Mr. John (he made his Lucky 27 Chili).

In addition to making food, I offered to make a table centerpiece.  If you don't know it, Sam's Club has beautiful flowers - I bought a dozen roses and a bunch of mums for under $25, got some candles and floral foam for about $6 and used a ceramic container I already owned.  I love flowers and think they add such a nice touch to a party. 

On MJ's table
MJ and Dave also provided some noshing food to greet their guests (6 couples total).

Cheeses from Zzest

Cheese Straws - these were awesome!  Must get recipe!

Spicy Mixed Nuts

Different chocolates and some with infused with chili

Leftovers flowers in a small square vase
I have lots more to share with you!  So come back for part II - more food and wine!

Interesting fact - I grew up very close to the Finger Lake area and Mr. John and I back in the day were known to do a little wine tasting ourselves.  We would get a bunch of our friends, tour a few places and stop in Corning, NY (yes, the glass place!) on the way home to stop at a Mongolian Grill!  This was about 30 years ago.  Fun memories!  Here's a little information on the area if you can't afford to go to Napa!  Finger Lake Area

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