Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are you ready for some football (snacks)?

Superbowl is this weekend... it's the Giants vs. the Patriots... who's going to win?  More important, what are you serving?  We've hosted a party for....well... I can't remember.  Maybe 10 years.  We've tried to "theme" either the venue or teams.  I only started taking pictures since 2007 and have a few to share with you.

Sorry for the quality of this picture but you get the idea - the year was 2007 and the game was held in Miami - some of us wore tropical shirts! The veggie island was fun to make -  I used potatoes for the island bases, carrots for the trunks and green peppers for the palms!  I think it turned out pretty cute- if you look close you can see a "star" fish.

The next year (2008) the game was held in Phoenix and we made a "cactus" out of english cucumbers and almond slivers.  Mr. John, the engineer, figured out how to slice them to"bend" and we used a wire coat hanger to shape

In 2010 it was the Saints vs. the Colts... that was a fun year and we kind of went all out!

First up was a Madri Gras cake.  I think the recipe came from Emeril

Our French Quarter!

At the end of the night, we crowned the King and Queen!!

2011 was the Packers vs. the Steelers. I had one happy son-in-law!

 Dessert was sundaes with colored M&M's

My centerpiece

 With superbowl a few days away, I'm working on my menu - New England Clam Chowder and something New York'ish (got any good ideas?)  We have about 12 people and everyone brings something to share.  I really don't have a preference on who wins BUT I do care what we are eating :-)

Better luck next year Vikings!

Side note - I have a friend as old as the superbowl but I won't name names - you know who you are!

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