Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tree Trimming Time

This past weekend we put the tree up with the family.  The last few years the tradition has been a real tree, Mr. John and whoever is around goes out to a man mall (aka Home Depot), brings the tree home, gets it all situated and then we let sit for a bit before decorating... Of course while we are waiting, we try out some tasty beverages, snacks and turn on some Christmas tunes.

This was called The Evergreen - very festive don't you think!

 1 oz. each tequila, creme de cacao, whipping cream and 1/2 oz. creme de menthe

Hot Pepper Jelly (from MJ) served over cream cheese...yum!
We had a fun night and then went to Victoria's for dinner to celebrate Danielle's birthday (only 2 1/2 months late :-)   Then we watched Elf...another tradition

I love our family tree time!

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