Thursday, December 8, 2011

Odds & Ends - Aprons

Cooking and aprons go together - for the last couple of years I've been sewing up some - I think they are fun to make and so many cute fabrics to choose from... here's a few...
These were for a friend's daughter's wedding - 6 in all!

The Bride's apron

The flower girl's
Love the cupcake print!

Can she make a cherry pie?

I have a co-worker who loves cats

For my niece Amy - another kitty lover!

2010 Christmas aprons
The women of Christmas Cheer!!  In 2009 I made aprons for myself, Steph and Kristina - these were for us "kitchen workers" on Christmas Eve.  So in 2010 I made 3 more aprons for Danielle, Kelly and Megan and have since graduated them to be helpers... maybe this year I should make aprons for the guys :-)

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