Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chicken and Vegetables with Penne

About 4-6 times a year I get a mailing from Penzey's spices and along with their catalog of spices to buy, a few recipes are scattered throughout.  This recipe appealed to me on many levels - though quickness was not one of them - it had fresh veggies and instead of frying the chicken, it was baked and then cut into bite size pieces and it had pasta... I love pasta! (click here for the recipe)

I  used their Pasta Sprinkle on the chicken

 Cast of veggie characters

The broccoli was first blanched and I love that turns out so"Kermit" color green...

The other veggies are sauteed

When the chicken, pasta and veggies are done, toss together and serve... the recipe also calls for parmesan cheese on top but we had it plain - it was delicious!

Mr. John really liked this meal and gave it 4 stars... the best part is adding the juices from baking the chicken - it really gives it a fantastic flavor...

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