Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Recipe" for Success

A couple weeks ago - I was in the mood to tackle a project - most of my "followers" know I love to decorate and redecorate... It always includes painting - I just find it therapeutic (and at a cost of $25 a gallon much cheaper too!) ... though with all the painting I've done in the house, a good friend of mine has said I've lost square footage in the house - maybe I have but at least I'm kinda sane :-)

Anyway, back to the project - we have a full bath in the basement.  Originally about 10 years ago, I went for the rustic look and now wanted to turn it into something softer looking with more of a spa feel.  Here are some before and after pictures - I was quite pleased.  I did this from a Saturday afternoon to the final touches on Sunday afternoon... Mr. John helps by hanging stuff - he is good at that and has the patience to make sure things are hung straight

Here are some of the final touches and where I found them:

From Kohl's

"Plant" from Target; turtle from Hobby Lobby

Greens - already had; cute diffuser (filled with rosemary mint oil) at a craft fair in Shakopee MN
Other finds:
New light fixture - Lowe's
Mirror - Lowe's
Switch plates - Lowe's
Paint - Home Depot - Behr plus primer called "Thunder Grey"
Shower curtin and rings - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Towels - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Rugs - Kohls
Pictures - Kohls
His/Hers towel holder - Hobby Lobby
Towel rack (rolled towels) - already had
White Shelves - already had
Basket on tank - already had

Come stay with us and enjoy our "spa" bathroom....

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  1. you did a great job Deb! Makes me want to paint a room now. Maybe after Christmas :)


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