Sunday, November 6, 2011

Impromptu Family Dinner

This was a good weekend!  The newly Mr. and Mrs. wanted to visit us and our younger daughter was also coming by... We had already kind of planned getting together with a couple old friends (as in, before we all had kids!) so with the kids coming, we turned it into a "family" dinner.  I had a couple new recipes I had wanted to try anyway and this was the perfect chance.  We started out with a tasty beverage and some appetizers.

Apple Cider Martinis (recipe here)

The first course was a Butternut Squash Soup... I've been wanted to try this since my friend gave me some squash - I researched a bunch of recipes and settled on one that was roasted with apple cider and then tweaked the rest of the ingredients.  This was a hit and what Danielle had suggested was making a topping to put on top so I made one that we have when I make pumpkin soup (from Rachel Ray).  It was the perfect thing to add!

The squash is tossed with apple cider, brown sugar and cinnamon stick before baking

I used this hand blender to puree the soup - I've had this well before they have become popular!

Topping-granny smith apples, craisins, red onion, chili powder, sugar and cinnamon-just the right spices to kick it up a notch!


The second course was a salad made with baby romaine lettuce, pears, craisins, toasted walnuts and bleu cheese tossed with a Maple Vinaigrette dressing... this was really yummy.  (recipe here)

After the salad we had the main course - a Chicken Wellington and then a Pumpkin Tiramisu for dessert... I'll be sharing these recipes soon!

It was a fun dinner - so glad the family came for a visit and the newlyweds have invited us to their place for Thanksgiving!  This will be a nice treat and I'm looking forward to it!

The tablescape...

We even used the napkins from the wedding...thanks Danielle for ironing them!

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