Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wedding Crafts - Part 3

Here's the last of the "crafty" things I did for the rehearsal dinner - coasters.  I made a template on powerpoint, dropped the digital files in, printed (again at Staples where I think I deserve September customer of the month!), and had them laminated.  I made 48 different ones and here is a sampling of what they looked like - they were a big hit... and super easy to do and inexpensive.

The rehearsal dinner was at Champps were we had a private room.  It was great and they prepared a limited menu for us and provided a dessert to share at each table.  I would highly recommend it!

This was to die for!!  deelish!

They also made a mean cosmo!
K&B are back from Maui and we drove to see them tonight and I brought dinner.  I made homemade sauce, homemade fettuccine and an apple pie... come back soon to see me and my pasta machine in action :-)

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