Friday, October 14, 2011

Pizza Friday

Is it DiGiorno's or delivery? Neither... it is homemade!  I think I have perfected my pizza - sorry to be braggy - but it is really good.  One more try and I'll post the dough recipe.  I believe the key is using "00" flour and cooking on an extremely hot stone... the crust comes out super crispy and nicely browned.  I made 2 kinds tonight... sausage and mushrooms (baby bellas)  for Mr. John and just mushrooms for me.

Browned the sausage first

Thin slices of baby bellas also called cremini

Pizza #1

I take fresh mozarella, slice it and break it up into pieces

15 minutes later at 475!

Starting pizza #2

Tonight's sauce was from Trader Joe's

Added romano cheese

Pizza #2
Tasty beverages - this was the last beer in the house!

Did you notice our fun pizza plates??

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  1. Looks really yummy! I'm working on my pizza too ... you are right on with the flour!


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