Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursdays on First

Tonight we ate at downtown Rochester at the Thursdays at First event.  Next Thursday is the last one for 2011 and we wanted to get our fix in before the food vendors were gone!  I work right by where it is held so I get to go more often but it was Mr. John's first time this summer.  We have some favorite vendors we visit.  First up John decided to go for a burger (and of course a tasty beverage)

I enjoyed my beverage while he ate then we wandered over to the Pescara Restaurant stand that serves Shrimp Tacos!  I covet these...Mr. John ate one too so I said try to remember what is in and the flavors you taste... oh my - don't these look awesome! (and they were!)

We walked around some more and then we decided WHY NOT have dessert!  I chose a cupcake and Mr. John a homemade ice cream sandwich - both were delicious!

Here's Johnny's!

We had a fun night, ran into a couple groups of friends and then headed home before the crowds picked up!
Until 2012...


  1. Just showed Kirk the pics and he said, "now I wish we had gone". Next week Shrimp tacos and ice cream sandwiches for us! Hope those vendors are both there!

    They look like the ice cream sandwiches we get at Gold Rush!

  2. You should have went - then we would have run into you to visit!


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