Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

August 5th is typically the day John and I celebrate our birthdays.... his is the 4th and mine the 6th... we are both Leo's.  In the Chinese calendar I'm a Monkey and John is a Pig.  About 28 years later we are still together so I guess this mix works!

Tonight we decided to stay home so I made one of his favorite meals - rib eye steak.  A potato and fresh vegetables from our garden rounded out the meal.

Zucchini, green peppers and cherry tomatoes were sauteed in olive oil

John's 5 star meal!

Every most years I make John a cake - he loves a yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting - very simple, very good.  I do gussy it up a bit with sprinkles.

I use this cake plate for special occasion desserts.  It is from Princess House and about 25 years old

Oh look special plates!

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  1. Happy Birthday you two!!!
    You are a perfect match --- and we are so happy to have known you for 30 years!!!!


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