Monday, August 15, 2011

Bridal Shower - Part 2

Shrimp Shooters
More appetizers to share with you tonight.  Not only is the presentation of these really cute, but they taste awesome.  The recipe came from the 2007 Pillsbury Summer Appetizer book.  Of course I had  to have the right glasses and found these glass shot glasses at IKEA...

Cucumber Sandwiches
I have never made these but they are delicious - a friend brought them - they are refreshing!  I will need to get this recipe.

Chicken Salad
This is the first time I have ever made chicken salad.  I've always wanted to but it scares me because I want it to taste awesome!  This was pretty good.  I baked boneless chicken breasts and diced after it cooled, add diced celery, diced red and green grapes, walnuts, mayo, S&P and also some lemon pepper.  If anyone has a really good recipe, please send my way or other suggestions!

Super cute from Edible Arrangements - no muss, no fuss!

The food table
Tomorrow night I be showcasing the yummy desserts and some odds and ends from the shower!

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  1. The guest at this bridal shower must have been thrilled with all the wonderful food! I LOVE those shrimp shooters! Such a fun a sassy way to eat an appetizer!
    Thank you so much for joining ON THE MENU MONDAY! Your shooters are something I'm going to have to "borrow"!


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