Friday, July 22, 2011

Restaurant Review - Favorite Italian Food

Tonight we went to my favorite Italian Restaurant in Endicott NY.  We always stop here for a meal when we are in town!  Traditionally we start with a pizza - super yummy - thin crust.  Back east these are called Pizza Pies. 

Then choose (if you can - it is not easy!)  ... tonight I had the lasagna (and brought 3/4 home!)

Mr. John had the veal parmagiana (this is their signature dish - I remember eating this back in 1970 and it hasn't changed a bit)

Dad had homemade linguine with red clam sauce

Kristina had the chicken parmagiana with the homemade sphagetts!

Danielle has the Seafood Marina but by the time I took her picture - this is all that was left

My brother treated the girls to cannolis - these definitely are the best I've ever had!

This was a 5 star (and filling meal!)  If you ever get to Endicott, NY check them out (click here )

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