Monday, June 20, 2011

Stone Pasta

It all started with a can of diced tomatoes then scouring the refrig, cupboards and garden. Found some leftover red peppers and pasta sauce, fresh basil from the garden, crushed red peppers, some wine and garlic...

Heat some oil in a skillet,chip in some garlic and watch it dance in the hot oil!

Add the crushed peppers

 Stir in the tomatoes, wine, red peppers and pasta sauce

Simmer about ten minutes, pour over your favorite pasta, sprinkle with basil and some good pecorino-romano cheese...quick, easy, delicious and saves me another night from going grocery shopping :-)

Seriously, John loved it - 4+ stars!


  1. Similar to a dish I make....and def. yummy!

  2. This looks REALLY good. Unfortunately, my basil has a long way to 'grow' before it'll be ready to use! But I'll definitely be trying it eventually!


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