Monday, May 9, 2011

Something Old, Something New...

Something borrowed... (this book is being passed around between 4 of us gals as we all have daughters- it was first given to me by Val; I passed it onto Kari-next up Val?  Kristi?  Our husbands have a formed a support group called FWOS - fathers without sons!)

Something blue... (necessary for our planning meetings!)

And we had a few shopping trips including a trip to IKEA (because the person with the most vases and glassware wins!)

There was a shower (I made this topper)

 And then the big day arrived- it was a perfect day, a lovely wedding and reception (Kari made these for the hotel guest goodie bags)

We had cupcakes for dessert

Most of the tables had lots of beautiful pink tulips (I like pink!)

Here's our little support group....
Me, Kari, Val and Kristi...

Come back tomorrow for 2 recipes that I made for Kari's Sunday brunch! 


  1. It was the best day ever! I wouldn't have changed a thing! It's great to have such wonderful friends for love and support! Thanks for everything Deb!

  2. My pleasure! We had a great time!


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