Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's Do Lunch

John took the day off from work and we decided to go to lunch.
Me:  Where do you want to go?
John: Oh, just grab a light lunch somewhere
Me:  So you wouldn't want to go to John Hardy's
John:  YOU want to go to John Hardy's BBQ?  What are you buttering me up for?
Me:  Nothing, just thought you might like to go

So off we went - to the original one on the NW side of town - I had never been to that one.

We sit down and the waitress comes over and asks if we need menus - which we don't because John gets the same thing every time - the lingo is - small pork plate medium with jo-jo's and okra and then I say the same, minus okra and get coleslaw.  That's it and 5 minutes later you get this:

Add some more of this

And then you leave this

And don't forget to get your card punched!

Check them out on-line

...but I didn't cook dinner tonight - I had popcorn while watching the Twins game and John had leftovers :-)

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