Friday, May 13, 2011

Little "Martha"

I wish I could take credit for what you are about to see... but not.
I am pleased to introduce you to a Miss Demi creation (my 11 year old niece).  She's a very talented girl - not only does she play hard on the soccer field - she whipped these up for Easter from a cookbook she bought at a school book fair.  I think I see a future here.... maybe she can support me in my old age!

The petals were made by cutting mini marshmallows in half and putting colored sugar on the sticky side.

These are definitely 5 star worthy! Love ya Demi!!


  1. about labor intensive! I don't think I'd be patient enough for that. She's a very talented girl!

  2. those are ADORABLE!! I co-chair the book fair at my kiddos school and that cupcake cookbook was a hot item at our fair this spring too!

  3. I think she did a great job - only wished I could have tasted them - but she lives in Pennsylvania!


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