Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

What a nice weekend...The girls and Benj came down Saturday morning.  Soon after they arrived, we went to Newt's for lunch, then did some wedding stuff and at 4:30 John and I went to our friend's wedding (more on that later this week).  Today I was treated to a wonderful lunch.  The kids created a new sandwich that I'm calling the man mom-which (corny but it just popped in my head).  Here is what they did:

Started grilled ciabatta bread and spread whipped cream cheese on one side

Add chopped craisins

 Spread other side of bread with pesto sauce

Add mozeralla cheese

Top with chicken (they had purchased a deli-ready one)

Next add spinach

Onions and tomatoes

And optional sprouts

That's it... it was super delicious and you could taste each of the distinct flavors... Great job!

I'm a lucky mom!

And my family is growing by one after our fall wedding!

Happy Mother's Day to my friends and family!

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