Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back to Grilling

YAY!  Nice night and out to the grill we go!  John mowed, I prepared dinner and it feels like spring is finally here!  Tonight's menu was Italian sausage with peppers, potatoes on the grill and sauteed zucchini.

Started with the potatoes - cleaned and cubed

Added some red and yellow peppers and a bit of onion

I added about 2 tbls of olive oil, 2 tbls melted butter, black pepper and some Greek seasoning (this is where you could get creative and add whatever spices you like)

Spread onto foil

 Put a top layer of foil and close up edges and put on grill for about 30 minutes


We like cooked peppers on our sausage...so sliced those up

Lastly I had a craving for zucchini... slightly sauteed in olive oil and S&P

Dinner is ready.....4 stars from John!

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  1. Looks wonderful! Looks like you had enough for me to join you too! ;)


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