Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken sandwiches were on the menu tonight with a good dose of hot sauce!  This little bottle made all the difference:

Pounded boneless chicken breasts and marinated in the hot sauce for about an hour

Grilled until done (about 10 minutes)

Served on buns with lettuce, more hot sauce and bleu cheese

Notice John in the background!  Great sandwiches - 4 stars!


  1. mmmmmm. I love anything hot and spicy!
    Makes me miss Deacon's Bench wings!

  2. “This little bottle made all the difference.” – I absolutely agree with you! Hot sauce has the power to turn a bland meal into an awesome and exciting dish! I actually use hot sauce on almost everything – soup, main course, pizza, fries, etc. Name it and I’ll probably grab a bottle of hot sauce to go with it!


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