Friday, April 29, 2011

Pizza Friday

Well this week went by's Friday again and as I've mentioned before, we mostly have pizza on Friday nights.   Two pizza are on the agenda - Hawaiian and Veggie.

After putting the warm water in the mixer, add the yeast, salt, olive oil and bread flour

After it mixes, place in an oiled bowl - turning to coat and cover with plastic wrap.  Put in oven that has been warmed up a little first.  It takes about 1 to 1 1/4 hours for dough to double in size

Then clean up :-)

Preparing the toppings-first the Hawaiian

Next the veggie

Trying a new pizza sauce tonight

Assembly time!  The oven has been preheating to 450 for 30 minutes - don't forget to put corn meal on your board!

Oven time

Next up veggie...

John and I were both happy tonight - he liked the first one a lot and veggie is my favorite - we gave tonight's pizza ratings 4.5 stars! 

Long post tonight - I was a "shutter" fly!

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