Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fine Dining

Last night we went out with friends Steve and Sue for dinner... We traveled to Nosh's in Lake City.
It sits on the Mississippi and overlooks a marina.  

Would like to see it in the summer with the slips filled!

We started out with drinks and a special treat from the chef.  Something with Roasted Red Peppers - it was good...

I started with an Cran-Orange Martini... very good

Sue asked for a regular coke and this is what they served... pretty sweet from what Sue said
  Our "app" from the chef

We ordered additional appetizers and salads before dinner

John-Garlic Shrimp

Sue - Mixed Green Salad...had delicious candied pistachios!

Me - Roasted Beet Salad with Balsamic reduction

Next up -dinner:
The guys had Paella

Sue had steak with potatoes and broccoli

And I had scallops on parmesan risotto 
We also tried desserts... this is one called "Medium Rare" Molten cake...

 Overall we gave this place 5 stars.  Besides having a good dinner with good friends - this place knows how to wait on their customers - never felt rushed and the food arrived hot and fresh.  Will definitely go back!  And here is a cute sign they had on their wall:


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